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  • Employment Oriented Course (A1-B2)

    A course designed for students interested in learning from A1-B2 levels. The Employment Oriented Course at the Institute of German Studies is designed to help working professionals achieve near…

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  • A1+A2 (Discounted)

    Your introduction to German begins with basic vocabulary for various everyday situations in the A1 German course. You will be trained to use and understand the present tense and…

    Rs.38000.00 Rs.35000.00 (Exclusive of 18% GST) Add to cart

Why Learn German?

German is among the most sought after languages by students preparing for a career in Engineering world over. It is widely spoken in Central Europe, in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Southern Italy(Tyrol). With immense opportunities and excellent courses in Engineering, German is now in demand among students looking to make a career in the technical field. Learning German will assist you to communicate better with countries that speak the language to collaborate, create and accelerate your business interests .

Why Our Institute?

Our institution has dedicated and passionate teachers committed to offering high quality instruction in German, making the Institute of German Studies one of the best places to learn German in Bangalore, New Delhi, Kolkata and Hyderabad. We give you complete detail about the qualification, experience and exposure of our expert trainers and teachers, so that you could make an informed decision before you join our course. We are dedicated to the languages we teach and believe in interactive and communicative classes that encompass language, literature, culture and civilization. Our goal is to be able to create the same passion among the learners. We are proud to have the best teachers and trainers of German with us.


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